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(Not a scam! If you have doubts, please call VIBER ,I will show you a soldered leg in live communication.)


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This site is NOT FRAUD,I can easily prove it when you text me your phone number in Viber(with a comment - prove it),I will call you back and provide evidence on camera. I can make any fraudulent site, but I don't have to. I follow an honest path and hope for human support.

A little history at the beginning ...(HERE full story)

After a long (2.5 years) struggle with trophic ulcers, it was decided to do an amputation, as the wounds began to stink and fester. There was no way to do the operation, I needed 25,000 UAH. for shunting. Amputation is also not free - 7000 UAH. Pension - 1700 UAH. Separately, I want to say THANK YOU to the state. The choice is not great.

In October 2018, after bandaging before going to bed, blood came from the wound(watch).It would be better if I went to bed right away (I went to smoke), the stack would be bloody until the morning and that's it. At night, he was taken by an ambulance, he was treated at the FGP of the 7th city hospital.

In February 2019, the left leg was amputated... Now I'm sitting, thinking - "Why did I stay?" Of course there is no work, no income either. There are no friends left ... I don’t want to go under the church with an outstretched hand. Here, too, no one donates. They respect and leave.

The wife refused. Brother from the first day at the front. A neighbor goes out for groceries, but this requires money. 2000 UAH the pension is not enough for a month... In social networks, especially on Facebook, posts with requests are deleted or complained about. People, what are you? Is it possible so? I'm really without a leg, and without a livelihood! As they say:"CAN'T HELP - DO NOT HARM!".After all, even on camera I will present evidence.

Why is it considered that a disabled person is a scammer? Because I can make a website and apply through the network? Amount to transfer in 5-10 banknotes Scam? Or do you think that maintaining a website costs a lot of money? I don't spend a dime. Did everything myself. There are still such opinions among people, if you are on the Internet, then you are an oligarch. From a past happy life there was a laptop. This is the last entertainment I have left. It costs 150 UAH. for a month.

Now (2022) I am sitting at home, on a disability group. Pension - 2200 UAH. You understand that it is not realistic to survive on such a minuscule. I'm not a beggar, but circumstances force…

I turn to people who care about helping me. I ask you to support with a monetary unit or a parcel. Up to 25 people visit the site per day(watch logs). All are respected. I don’t think that because of the donated ten, twenty you will go around the world. And I have a huge support.

Your help is essential to me.

My documents

  • Certificate of awarding a disability group(watch)
  • Form of individual rehabilitation of a disabled person (watch)
  • Pensioner's ID(watch)
  • List of recent documents and photos watch HERE(need google account)

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I do not understand your indifference, everything is under God...

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