Reporting on translations

People, I thought that in general there are more good and sensitive people in the world ... In fact, there are very few.One person a month, so I'm digging in social media posts about help. If I hadn't asked-0. In the muzzle book, posts are also removed. I display each of these translations here.


(these names burn in golden letters)


Who listed When listed Sum, currency
Грицай Антонина Сергіївна April 5, 2021 50 UAH
Бондарь Тетяна Олександрівна May 16, 2021 200 UAH
Петренко Олександр August 09, 2021 200 UAH
Артамонов Володимир September 7, 2021 200 UAH
Anonymous user December 9, 2021 20 UAH


Who listed When listed Sum, currency
Anonymous user January 30, 2022 250 UAH
February 24 - WAR. We are the ONLY ones! Together to victory!
Каспрук Юрій Степанович May 24 , 2022 100 UAH
Ляшенко Олеся Олександрівна 19 june ,2022 300 UAH
Пономаренко Василь 12 july ,2022 100 UAH
Становський Юрій Анатолійович 03 September ,2022 100 UAH
Яценко Денис Дмитриевич 07 September ,2022 100 UAH
Anonymous user 19 September ,2022 400 грн.

Do not rush to leave the site. Maybe this is your last chance to do something good.
I do not ask for large amounts of transfers. How much is not a pity.I do not understand your indifference, everything is under God

There is no money, but you want to help, share on social networks.