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Complete medical history

In 2009, he dislocated the foot on his right leg. Laid down for a couple of weeks. Everything is healed and restored. After a while, I began to notice that it hurt to walk, my calves hurt while walking. I turned to the same traumatologist, and he says: "This is no longer for me." Sent to the surgeon. Ultrasound of the veins was made (they forgot about the arteries). Diagnosed with CVI n/a.

They prescribed a bunch of pills, exercises ... But this did not bring relief. Then they did another ultrasound of the arteries. Now it became clear that the diagnosis was OASNK. Obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities. Since 2011, I have been going to the hospital to drip. But relief is only on the wallet. In 2015, he filed for disability. They gave me a third group. In November 2016, incomprehensible red spots popped up on my legs, which began to grow into wounds.(watch)



In order not to lose his job, he did not go to the treatment, he smeared the wounds with ointments. In February 2017, he went to the hospital. Drip and heal wounds at the same time. What kind of wounds no one will understand. On the daily morning rounds, the doctors shrugged. An autopsy was performed on March 1, 2017.

Discharged on March 9, went to work on the 10th, with wounds.(photo after discharge)Due to the opening and poor blood circulation, the wounds did not heal. In the fall of 2017, under the terms of granting disability, he went to the hospital to confirm the group. After discharge from the surgical department (see epicrisis), five days later he was admitted to the same hospital with a diagnosis of a stroke (see epicrisis).



Recently worked (6 years) in security. In fact, the object was small, there was little need to walk. Basically, the coccyx suffered from sitting on a chair for days. But this happiness soon ended. Some comrades turned out to be missing, and everything was written off for protection. The work is over.

In February 2019, had such a foot – (photo "Wet gangrene"). Amputation above the thigh (a photo) anddocument

Certificate of awarding a disability group (watch)

Form of individual rehabilitation of a disabled person (watch)

Pensioner's ID (watch)

List of recent documents and photos watchHERE Need a GOOGLE account. Remove the children, the photo is not pleasant.

Now (since 2017) I am sitting at home. The pension is miserable, not enough to live on. There is no more help anywhere. Out of boredom, I began to study the construction of sites. I can make a fraudulent site (any) and earn money by deceiving people. But I don’t want to, I hope for human kindness.

Please help me at this difficult time.

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